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Inclusive Catholics
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Recently our Stewardship Team organised for members of our community to get together to update our Vision Statement and Mission Statement.

We conducted a couple of Discernment Days, where we as a community came up with the documents below, which we agreed will be further reviewed in 2016, as we continue to evolve and develop our identity and goals.

[Special thanks to the Glen Waverley Uniting Church for the use of their facilities.]  


We are a loving, inclusive and Eucharistic community.

We are respectful of all faith traditions. We stand as a prophetic challenge to the Catholic Church.

We are informed and inspired by Jesus.

We are seekers of: justice, freedom, truth, life and hope, through a deeper relationship with Jesus.

We seek to be inspired by the process of discernment in all planning and decision making.

MISSION STATEMENT - What are we on about?

To provide a Eucharistic celebration for those who are disenfranchised by the traditional churches.

To welcome all who seek a meaningful relationship with Jesus.

To provide a more relevant form of worship.

To be a nurturing and healing community.

To be committed to social justice, social welfare and ecological issues, and to support our members in pursuit of such Ministries.