Inclusive Catholics CHRONICLE 19 Jan 2020

Inclusive Catholics CHRONICLE

January 19th  2020.

Our next I.C. Eucharist will be on Sunday, 2nd February, 2020.

A big thank you to all those who generously donated towards the establishment of our new website. We hope it will allow us to reach out to those looking for a welcoming and accepting spiritual community.


  • Birthdays: Barbara Loh. 28th January [Special BD]
  • Recently deceased: Fire-fighters. Graham Gude.
  • Anniversaries: Sr Clare McFall OP. {16-1-2014}
  • Healing prayers for: Helen S. Ken W. Helen C. Yellow Wiggle.
  • Divorced and separated.
  • A Treaty with our First Nations People.
  • Women with unwanted pregnancies.
  • An end to Aboriginal deaths in custody.

Flush toilets, Toilet paper, Volunteers, Scientists, Garbage collectors, Air, Street signs, Music, Pens, Paper,

Providential, All-Knowing God, receive our prayers.

Meditate for Climate Mondays
Every Monday from 8 to 8.45am there is a public meditation for anyone interested near the Victorian Parliament. At the moment this is being held in Parliament Gardens. No experience of meditation is needed. Just bring something comfortable to sit on.


  • 18th Week of Christian prayer begins.
  • 20th Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day.
  • 22nd Lunar new year.
  • 26th Australia Day/Survival Day.